A downloadable delicious game for Windows and macOS

It's a game. It's got bacon. And elves, and swords, and wizards. A little bit of lithping. Trust us, it's a good time.

~ Baconalen, Conjurer of Games

It's finally here... the non-award-winning sequel/reboot of the critically ignored and completely unknown (yet still enjoyable) Bacon Strip Empire RPG series—the titular, the definitive Bacon Quest!

Join this cast of all-new, yet suspiciously familiar, characters as they travel across exotic, yet suspiciously familiar, worlds in a quest that can only be described using common Canadian cooking supplies.

Enjoy the illicit thrills of abusing your kingly stature for personal gain! The tense political intrigue of nations at war! The terror of dragons! Or snakes? Those are basically just small dragon sticks, after all. Find out for yourself if anything this paragraph said is actually in the game! The possibilities are endful!

Minimum Requirements

  • A computer that can display graphics on a screen that is at least several pixels in dimension.
  • A handful of megabytes of extra room on your hard drive or access to the inter-network.
  • Your handy-dandy Questing Kit (never optional).

Install instructions

  • Grab the  .ZIP backpack we've provided and unzip it. (Think that unzipping stuff is too much work? You can play it in the browser here!)
  • Reach inside and remove the game folder. Carefully place it in a convenient to access location
  • Ensure your (still mandatory) questing kit is within arm's reach
  • Firmly apply pressure to the Bacon Quest file to begin your quest


Bacon Quest_win.zip 516 MB
Bacon Quest_mac.zip 636 MB


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Okay, so I got the mushrooms for the mushroom guy in the forest but he doesn't know i have them?

Is there anything that increases chances of drops? I'm having trouble doing the quests that involve drops.